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With the constant demand for fresh content from music listeners, bands are pressed with time and financial challenges to keep pace. Our solution is a…

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Our mixing philosophy operates under the premise that each project is unique and requires a fresh approach and open mind to make it come to life. Our…

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"Mastering is the technical and creative act of balancing, equalizing and enhancing, analog or digital tapes so that the finished product will have a…

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Boutique Music Production House

Book your time today for tracking, mixing, mastering, or any studio service you require.

We offer an individual working…

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Are you interested in Recording and Production or Mixing, want to explore the world of Sound Engineering? Well with our comprehensive courses we've g…

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Southern Track Recordings is a boutique production house (Guateng Recording Studio) specialized in the creation and development of music and sound de…

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Southern Tracks Recording Studio is custom built from the ground up to the highest industry standards, with state of the art acoustics and equipment.…

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Southern Tracks offers a full suite of voice-over, audio dubbing, editing, synchronization, and post-production services.

Contact Us today to req…

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Whether you’re just starting out, an established artist looking for songs or a large company in need of theater, tv or film music, the Southern Track…

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Southern Tracks offers comprehensive consulting services for musicians, songwriters, bands and producers for any stage of their development or trying…

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This is one of our services that is really popular, as so many artists do their own recordings and productions at home but want to make it more profe…

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A great vocalist and a great musician, keep an eye out for an Ep soon - production, mixing and mastering done on this track




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Southern Tracks Recording Studio - Welcome to - The Next Big Thing - 2020 - Competition Terms and Conditions

Want to spend three days in a Pro P…

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Is your project missing something? Do you write songs, but need help finding your sound, or shaping your musical identity? At Southern Tracks Recording Studio we have the know how to provide you the client with artist development and a variety of music production services:

Recording - Mixing - Maste…

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Adriaan Meyer

Owner - Musician, Production, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Founder Adriaan Meyer, who got his start as vocalist and guitarist for rock bands such as "Tumbleweed",  "My Sister Jane", and "Acts 29", and so…

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Seun Cronje

Co-owner - Marketing and Business Development

With 2 CD's on the shelves and his great business skill, his love of music and business brought together, Seun controls the marketing and business si…

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